All the services listed below are carried out in domestic and commercial contracts

  • Crown reduction
  • Reduce away from buildings
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown lifting
  • Sectional Removal

  • Stump grinding
  • Climbing inspections
  • Emergency works
  • Terravent
  • Planting

  • Tree bracing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Site clearance
  • Veteran Tree Management
  • Tree Surveys and Reports

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Crown reduction
Commonly carried out to control the dimensions of a tree when it has become too big for its location, reducing weight in limbs, sail effect in winds and the management of trees with structural defects.

Our professional arborists will specify the amount to be removed as an approximate meterage accounting for the species of tree and its response to pruning with equal emphasis on branches and leaf mass being retained as well as removed, aiming to maintain its natural growth habit to give you the best time frame before re-pruning is required.

Reduce away from buildings
Selective lateral branch removal to clear a building profile by an approximate meterage often carried out where branches are in contact with a building.

Specifications are species dependent and our professional arborists will offer advice accordingly.

Crown thinning
The removal of branches within a canopy changing the density of the crown (not its dimensions as in reduction). Effective for improving natural light to properties and gardens and when carried out correctly thinning can help reduce sail effect in winds.

Our professional arborists will account for the tree species and its average reaction growth before specifying the amount to be thinned/ removed as an approximate percentage.

Crown lifting
The removal of the lowest branches to provide height clearance from ground level for vehicles and pedestrians. The branches are commonly removed to the trunk or stem of the tree.

Our professional arborists will endeavour to keep pruning cuts to a minimum in quantity and size to maintain the long-term health of the tree.

Sectional Removal
Trees have a life expectancy that can be cut short by various diseases that can cause structural and root stability issues as well as the pressures of new development.

Our professional arborists are trained qualified and experienced to safely and efficiently dismantle trees often in confined spaces using the latest roping and rigging techniques (sometimes with plant assistance e.g. a crane or Mobile Elevated Work Platform) without causing damage to underlying buildings and furnishings.

Stump grinding
Once the tree is to ground level we can grind the stump to approx. 250mm below ground level to allow for re-planting, paving etc.

Minimum door width required for access is 72 cm* the width of an internal door frame! (* route to be verified by operative).

Climbing inspections
Visual tree inspection from the ground does not give a complete report on the condition of your tree.

Our professional arborists can carry out a climbing inspection which has the advantage of close visual inspection of branch unions, the ability to view the top side of branches and should there be any, identifying past wounds and potential weak points supplying you with photos and recommendations for remedial works.

Emergency Works
Trees can sometimes create problems when you least expect it. We can be on route to you within 60 minutes to assess the tree and wherever possible make it safe.

Emergency rates POA.

Our priority is to make the tree safe. Depending on the size and location of the tree brushwood and logs can be neatly stacked in situ for clearance at a preferable hourly rate.

Terravent Services
Terravention is the generic name for the complete treatment of tree and plant root zones. It involves a highly successful process that results in an effective de-compaction and aeration of the soil in the root zone of a tree or plant. With an infusion of beneficial Mychorrhizal Fungi and other liquid ameliorants into the freshly aerated soil and where possible covering the treated area with a good quality mulch the process is complete.

Mychorrizal fungi is found naturally in all established wooodland and has a symbiotic relationship with roots unlocking nutrients in the soil making them available to the root systems, helping protect against disease and creating a balanced fertile soil.

Soil compaction can be caused by drought, flooding or excessive pedestrian,vehicle or animal access, preventing any oxygen, water and beneficial nutrients reaching the root systems of trees ,shrubs and turf.

Terravention breaks the soil compaction opening the soil structure, improving oxygen exchange and drainage. Terravention is an environmentally friendly process which recreates natural growing conditions and can be used at any stage in a trees life from young newly planted trees to veteran trees.

The Royal Botanical Kew Gardens fully endorse terravention after a five year programme of treatment recording dramatic improvements in the health and vitality of some of their ancient trees.Terravention is now a permanent part of the tree management program at Kew.

Replacing a tree is often a condition of consent when a tree is removed that was subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) or was within a conservation area (CA).

Our professional arborists are trained in planting various size trees from whips for hedging to individual heavy standard trees. Through our links with various tree nurseries we can source and supply high quality tree stock at competitive prices.

Tree bracing and Prop supports
Assisted support for known structural defects sometimes used in mature or veteran trees, trees of significance or trees of amenity value to prolong their retention.

Our professional arborists are experienced in the correct placement and installation of non-invasive bracing systems that expand with the tree as it grows in girth and maintains natural movement in windy conditions.

This system needs to be monitored and periodically replaced. Trees are individually assessed for their suitability. The bracing is often installed in conjunction with pruning works.

Hedge trimming
Tame that unruly hedge!

Unless otherwise specified the top and inner face are trimmed to previous points.

Site clearance
Clearance of trees and vegetation whether for development or Woodland Management our professional arborists have the experience and access to plant to manage site clearance on a large commercial scale and sites under ecological constraints.

Veteran Tree Management
Our professional arborists are experienced in the long-term management of veteran trees and tree veteranisation – making young trees look old creating tears and splits mimicking storm damage to create valuable habitat only found on veteran trees.

Tree Surveys and Reports
Tree inventories, individual tree reports, hazard surveys and assessments, TPO and planning appeals or objections, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Mortgage reports BS5837 (Trees in relation to construction) surveys.

Traditionally carried out to encourage growth for use as fire wood or feed. Adopted to manage trees to a certain height common on the more mature street trees in urban areas.