Do you take everything away?
Most of our clients require all the debris to be removed from site, which is normally specified in the quote.

Woodchips are good for your garden and a cheap alternative to ornamental bark and can be left at your request. Timber can also be left for firewood either in lengths, or processed by us into logs, this would normally be specified in the quote.

Do I need permission to prune my trees?
Sometimes yes, trees can be covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or lie within a Conservation area. It is wise to check if there are any restrictions in place before carrying out any tree work, we are happy to do this for you, and make the applications if required, on your behalf.

It takes 8 weeks for a Local Planning Authority (LPA) to reach a decision on works on a tree with a TPO. The LPA will lift TPOs in certain circumstances; unstable or dangerous trees.

The LPA has to be notified of your intention to have work carried out in conservation area and has 6 weeks from the date of notice to if necessary apply restrictions or give consent .*This only applies to stems over 750mm in diameter.

Does the work affect my neighbours?
Our staff will endeavour to keep machinery noise to a minimum, whilst carrying out the work as safely and efficiently as possible. Where your trees overhang neighbouring properties access may be required for clearing up etc. We would normally require a letter of consent from your neighbour, or verbal permission if your neighbour is home prior to works commencing.

Will you protect my walls and garden furnishings?
It is your responsibility to protect your walls (painted walls – use polythene sheets), move plant pots and garden furnishings. We will gladly help you move any large or heavy items on our arrival. Where your access is very restricted or we are clearing through your property we will bring extra protection that would be specified in the quote. Please note we will not be trying to drag half a tree through your doorway.

What about the lawn?
Any lawn protection required will be specified in the quote. This may be boarding or a timber cushion or a combination of the pair. To minimise dents and divots.

What about the stump?
We can grind the stump out for you or grub it out depending on its size, this would be specified in the quote.

And the stump chippings?
When a stump is removed with a grinder the chippings get incorporated with the soil and start to decompose quite rapidly. Excess grindings can be removed, this would be specified in the quote.

Can I prune back neighbours trees that are overhanging my property?
Yes you can, but your neighbours trees can still be covered by planning restrictions. Try to agree works with the tree owner, you don’t want to be held responsible for causing consequential damage. There are many factors to be taken into consideration here, we are more than happy to help and offer advice.

Do you cover emergency call outs?
Yes we do but additional charges apply.

When do I pay?
When the job is finished and you are happy we will ask you to sign our work sheet. Payment will be due within 14 days.

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