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Terravent Services

Terravention is the generic name for the complete treatment of tree and plant root zones. It involves a highly successful process that results in an effective de-compaction and aeration of the soil in the root zone of a tree or plant. With an infusion of beneficial Mychorrhizal Fungi and other liquid ameliorants into the freshly aerated soil and where possible covering the treated area with a good quality mulch the process is complete.

Mychorrizal fungi is found naturally in all established wooodland and has a symbiotic relationship with roots unlocking  nutrients  in the soil making them available to the root systems, helping protect against disease and creating a balanced fertile soil.

Soil compaction can be caused by drought, flooding or excessive  pedestrian,vehicle or animal access, preventing any oxygen, water and beneficial nutrients reaching  the root systems of trees ,shrubs and turf.

Terravention breaks the soil compaction opening the soil structure, improving oxygen exchange and drainage. Terravention is an environmentally friendly process which recreates natural growing conditions and can be used at any stage in a trees life from young newly planted trees to veteran trees.

The Royal Botanical Kew Gardens fully endorse terravention after a five year programme of treatment recording dramatic improvements in the health and vitality of  some of their ancient trees.Terravention is now a permanent part of the tree management program at Kew.

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